Authority and Relevance Matters Most of All With SEO

There are a lot of different pieces that come together with SEO today. In some ways it can get convoluted, and many people realize that too late. You could find yourself swimming in the middle of opportunity and the next minute, search engines can completely freeze you out. Some think of optimization as an art form and it truly can be that. In fact, it’s better to think of it as an art rather than science. The reason why that is simple, science tests and proves theories right or wrong. In the world of internet marketing, you cannot afford to be wrong. When you’re wrong, you lose financial gains fast. It’s for that reason that you need to consider authority and relevance as the top tiers of your strategy. Without them at the helm, you’re going to find yourself losing market share faster than fast.

Not Everyone is A Master of Authority


Authority modules are important when you’re working with optimization. However, you should know that there’s no real “mastery” of this element. Yes, there are ways that you can implement certain elements of the process, but to say that you’ve mastered it is a bit bolder than most dare say. It’s for that reason that authority matters a great deal, but not in the traditional sense. You need to ensure that whenever you’re hiring someone or working on this type of internet marketing protocol, that it comes alongside a great deal of conscious effort. If one is not putting in a certain nuanced approach to the methodologies needed to create traffic, then everything falls apart. Authority placement requires careful observation and implementation. Without that, everything is for not.

The Problem With Science

Search engine algorithms can be looked upon as science, but in the end, do not look at SEO without the point of relevance. The formulas that some marketers are coming up with don’t work, because the algorithms that search engines use today are not set in stone like math. They are flexible, and allow for multiple answers. It’s for that reason that someone can set up a blog and gain a huge following, while others can build an ecommerce site that should draw a lot of attention and receive nothing. The playing field is leveled based on popularity, authority, and relevance, not a scientific formula. The minute you start to subscribing to the notion that SEO is some sort of math problem that can be solved based solely on numbers, is the minute that you’ll start losing huge.

The Relationship of Relevancy

Here is the one thing that many people get wrong. Relevancy is not a matter of just picking the correct keywords for your business’s website. You need to pick the right words that will work within the context of search results and human interest. Too often people focus on what the robots are going to pull through with, and not what users are going to want to read. If you want popularity and authority on your sites, you’ll need to know how to use keywords that relate to the market in a very “dictionary” way. Webmasters that don’t think like the end user, usually come up with terrible ideas for implementing proper marketing strategies. Be careful when setting things up in regards to relevant keyword placement and suggestions.

SEO is not something that can be done and forgotten. It’s a matter of working with a variety of different components and seeing it through in a much nuanced manner. Treating it like science, or some sort of math equation will only suffice in frustrating you when the results don’t match the work you’re putting into it.